PROBSERIES is a gentle series and especially adapted for sensitive and irritated skin for all animals. It is also very good grooming products.
Contains no parabens, coloring agents, perfumes, bleach, mineral oils. The PROB series has a wide range of uses. Excellent choice when the skin needs something extra, such as skin problems and exhibitions. For every day and competition.
We develop quality products for us and our animal welfare. We only use the best quality ingredients in the PROB series. The active substances are 100 % Aloe Vera, B5 Vitamin, Silk Protein, Propolis, Resin and Tar pine from Pine trees as well as other natural ingredients. All ingredients are approved for use for humans but are not registered in the cosmetics portal.
But good to know, what you apply on your animals, it`s safe and can also be applied on yourself.
Our products are both skin friendly and environmentally friendly.
The PROB series has no withdrawal time, so it is allowed to compete during use.
Everything is made in Sweden. Please contact us for information and advice about our products and what suits your needs.