Collection: EQUERY VIBE Muscle Building & Rehabilitation Tool

It is with great pride that Equery presents you the new EQUERY VIBE.

The device can now be used by every horse lover in every discipline!

Equery isworldwide the first device that works with the patented EMS technologywith IST (Impulse Shift Technology)[2_0127_5_1]for horses[2_0127_5][5_1]for horses _0127_5_3].

The abbreviation "EMS" stands for electro-muscular stimulation.

This technology trains your horse more effectively  than a normal workout and builds, in a joint-friendly way and improves the horse's endurance.

The Equery technology works on the superficial muscles, the deep muscles and very controlled for the right type of muscle fibers


Why Equery Vibe is good for your horse

  1. Prevents injuries
  2. Builds muscle at rest
  3. Strengthens the back muscles
  4. Prevents muscle atrophy
  5. Prevents colic
  6. Improves dysfunctional metabolism
  7. Tendon, joint and ligament problems
  8. Wellness and relaxation of the muscle
  9. Stimulates blood circulation

Equery Vibe improves…

  • power
  • Response time
  • Jumping ability and height
  • Explosiveness
  • Crookedness of the horse

The unique programs we use for this are…

  • relaxation,
  • pre workout,
  • muscle building,
  • endurance,
  • deep massage
  • repair.

The Equery Vibe Pack consists of

  • 1 Equery VIBE EMS Receiver
  • 1 Equery Vibe smart device
  • 1 Unique Electrode Pack consisting of 2 parts
  • 1 Strapsset

We Help horses in support of their:

  • Revalidation
  • Improve sports performance
  • Warming up en cooling down

With Equery you get the best out of your training in all different disciplines!



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