PROB HOOF BALM is a 100% natural product. Based on tar with beeswax, oils and propolis which has a protective effect on the hoof.

Regular use of PROB HOOF BALM gives the hoof a good condition, elasticity and moisture balance.

Also gives a nice shine to the hoof. Brush all over the hoof.


PROB FROG STICKS is a 100% natural product. Tar based plugs with beeswax, oils, resin and propolis. The plugs are used as filling in deep grooves and other spaces to prevent mud, urine and moisture from entering.  If the horse has deep grooves or you see changes in the blasting groove, a PROB Salva Stick is pressed into the blasting groove after cleaning. Replace the plugs after 2-4 days or at the interval that suits your horse. Continue as long as the need exists.

There is extra wool in the bucket and there are about 30-40 wads in each pack.

Use PROB HOOF BALM in combination with PROB FROG STICKS for an optimal effect.