Rotting of the frog


PROB OIL is an oil, based on alcohol and tar, made for dry, irritated and sensitive skin. It is easy to apply to dense coat, mane and tail root. PROB oil is effective against itching caused by insects and the sun. It absorbs quickly into the skin without the risk of sunburn.

When using for the first time, we recommend testing in a small area, in case of skin irritation: wash with soap and water.

Instructions for use:

Drip on the area to be treated

Repeat when necessary

Hoof Balm

PROB MAIN BALM is a 100% natural product. Based on tar with beeswax, oils and propolis which has a protective effect on the hoof.

Regular use of PROB MAIN BALM gives the hoof a good condition, elasticity and moisture balance. Also gives a nice shine to the hoof. Brush all over the hoof.

PROB Sticks

PROB FROG STICKS is a 100% natural product. Tar-based wadding with beeswax, oils, resin and propolis. The wads are used as filling in deep grooves and other areas to prevent mud, urine and moisture from penetrating. If the horse has deep grooves or if you see changes in the blast furrow, a PROB Salva Stick is pressed into the blast furrow after cleaning. Replace the pads after 2-4 days or after the interval that suits your horse. Proceed as long as the need arises.

There is extra wool in the bucket and there are about 30-40 wads in each package.


- Clean the hoof thoroughly.

- Rinse the infection with PROB Oil

- Place a PROB Stick in the beam and replace it every 3 to 4 days.

- Lubricate the hoof and sole daily with Hoof Balm

- Repeat as long as necessary