Step 1 Tar Shampoo

PROB Tarshampoo is a gentle caring shampoo for sensitive skin. It also works against skin deposits and dandruff. The shampoo is moisturizing, cleanses well, enriches the natural color of the hair and gives a beautiful natural shine.

PROB shampoo has a positive effect against itching caused by insect bites (such as from mosquitoes) and by the sun. The shampoo helps to keep the skin in good condition.

The shampoo is free of dyes, parabens, mineral oils, perfume and bleach. It contains a minimum of emulsifiers.

User manual, change:

Shakes the bottle before use

Wet the hair, the coat, with water

Rub in the shampoo

In case of skin irritation: let the shampoo soak in for 20-30 minutes

Rinse out

If necessary, was once a week. This shampoo is also an excellent everyday shampoo.

Step 2 OIL

PROB OIL is an oil, based on alcohol and tar, made for dry, irritated and sensitive skin. It is easy to apply to dense coat, mane and tail root. PROB oil is effective against itching caused by insects and the sun. It absorbs quickly into the skin without the risk of sunburn.

When using for the first time, we recommend testing in a small area, in case of skin irritation: wash with soap and water.

Do not use with open wounds.

Instructions for use:

Drip on the skin

Gently massage the oil into the skin

Repeat when necessary

Step 3 Super cream

Super cream for particularly dry and/or sensitive skin, soothing and moisturizing. The cream is absorbed quickly and dries quickly. It feels soft and comfortable on the skin.

Super cream is effective against itching from the sun and insects such as mosquitoes. It has a calming effect on the skin and helps to keep it in good condition. The cream is enriched with certified aloe vera and high quality wood tar.


- Wash the area to be treated with Tarshampoo and leave on for 30 minutes.

- Rinse with clean water.

- If there are no open wounds use the PROB Oil every 2 days.

- Treat the other days with Super cream.

- When the skin recovers, the oil may be omitted and only be treated with the Super cream.

- Repeat this treatment as long as necessary